Track & Trace

Full traceability and overall efficiency management.

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Manufacturing Execution System (MES): Track & Trace

Today’s logistics and manufacturing business segments have a great opportunity to fully transform into a modern, automated operation with a strong focus on materials and goods Most businesses today already have an ERP system implemented and operated in various business segments, especially in warehouse management and manufacturing. Complex ERP systems are difficult to implement and in most cases, the total cost of replacing the current system can be too high. On top of that, procuring an advanced manufacturing system with a solid range of device connectivity and compatibility that needs to be integrated with an existing system in a medium-sized company can seem impossible. With the latest technology advancements and a complete technology paradigm shift, open source solutions have simply become mainstream. IT managers have begun to realize that cost savings, flexibility and vendor independence could be worth the risks when it comes to our track and trace solution can easily be integrated into the existing application environment putting you at the center of the Industry 4.0 front at a reasonable budget.

 In addition, we prefer fully open-source hardware and software environments and can advise you on which devices to choose for scanning, printing and processing, thus eliminating any type of recurring licensing cost.

We have a proven track record in one of the most demanding industry segments – the automotive sector, and are currently supporting a range of factories in the automotive and distribution sector.

General technical and functional specification of our track and trace solution:

  • Complete materials and products serialization

  • Full trace-ability of each produced LOT

  • Package handling (pallets, boxes, serial numbers)

  • Custom design of industrial labels

  • Easy to use production orders

  • Detailed operational and management reports

  • Detailed performance reports

  • User and group profiles