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Success Stories 

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Viktor Lenac,


Leading ship repair, conversions and offshore shipyard in the Mediterranean.

Viktor Lenac must be one of the toughest organizations in the region. Dealing with the constant market and competition pressures, they decided to confront and adapt to constant challenges through continuous digitalization initiatives.

Our cooperation started with the design, development and fast roll-out of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) features, tailored to specific shipbuilder's needs. Collecting the leads data from various sources, we were able to organize and focus their sales efforts on the potential most profitable business opportunities.

In the next project phases, we continued with issue management and ticketing. Managing a couple of hundred service and repair technicians proved to be a big challenge, but we delivered our final touch through an easy to use the native mobile app with an offline mode for remote location use. 

Partner portal proved to be a valuable extension, the idea originated from a need to create a self-service portal for all employees, centralizing their activities and documents in one place. It became obvious that the same logic implies for their broad network of cooperants.

Our last development efforts were focused on robust document management features, including document versioning, activities management, online preview and editing and many more.


Naval Engineering

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AITAC is a leading regional naval engineering company, specialized in the design and engineering of commercial ships and yachts as well as offshore and plant engineering. The company proved its excellence many times on numerous projects through its constant search for perfection.

Our cooperation evolved around the need to organize their project planning and tracking more efficiently, and for multiple companies simultaneously. Their projects are multi-layered and complex and their key customers demand precise reporting structures. 

We developed a project management concept which gave them the opportunity to further strengthen their specific organizational needs without any compromise on the customer reporting needs.

Most important advances have been made in the invoicing segment. Together, we managed to automate their complex invoicing procedure, making a clear distinction of the intra-company and customer timesheets and invoices. The invoicing support enabled them to include the key Project managers in the process, alleviating a certain amount of workload from the accounting and office management department.

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PBM Group,

Marine Engine Specialist

The PBM Group is unique in ways they operate their business. Their expertise lies in their ability to service and repair various ship engines and other mechanical issues everywhere in the world. Their engineers fly day in, day out, no matter the time. For them, it's crucial to be able to depart fast and on time, with every document needed for multiple border crossings.

We helped them to plan, prioritize, execute and track their activities through their multiple companies in various countries.

They manage their whole business operations through a single, integrated business application with a reliable mobile interface.

Through our asset management modules, they manage a large list of ships and vessels with all key ship data and documents in place. They track and schedule their activities on every ship and keep a recorded history which helps them improve their planning and execution.