E impuls

Name of the project

"Slobodni programi - Business Software Development"; project code KK.

Slobodni programi ltd. is a private company founded in 2011. Slobodni programi ltd., in 2017, are deployed by Decodio 

Applications ltd. and as such part of the global community, leading 'localizer' of Odoo in Croatia, developing a functional

  development of business software. A professional staff for business software development is insufficient, and in order to create and maintain a quality team of people,it is necessary to provide work environment and professional education; conditions comparable to the world industry standard.

Short description of the projec t

Project activities relate to:

a) Procurement of modern IT and other equipment, and business platforms for the development of new business software;

b) Provision of professional training services for employees;

c) Promotion and visibility of the project.

According to research conducted by Decodio Applications ltd. and available information, there is a significant "hole" in the "enterprise" business system segment on the domestic and regional markets. The trend of computerization of companies of all forms and profiles is in full swing- if companies want to remain competitive, they must invest in all forms of business information technology. In addition to financial compensation, young specialists are now a very important work environment, as well as the tools and technologies they work with and develop their competences and gain expertise on the basis of participation in education.

Objectives and expected results of the project

The goal of the project is to create the preconditions for the development of human resources for companies that will be able to develop new business software through the acquisition of modern IT and other equipment and employee training, thereby increasing the company's competitiveness and preserving existing jobs, opening up three new jobs, increase business income by more than 40%, and thus get the company.

Total value of the project and the amount co-financed by the EU (in HRK)

• The total project value is 261.495,00 HRK

• EU funding for the project is 201.500,00 HRK

Project Implementation Period

01/10/2017. - 31.10.2018.